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Benefits of Belotero Dermal Filler Is it Better than Botox?
The gold standard of skin care rejuvenation in the past has been Botox injections, but that may have changed with the new dermal filler Belotero possibly upstaging Botox as the methodology of choice in some situations. For those in the know however, Botox is not a dermal filler like Belotero but is used for a completely different, yet complementary purpose of relaxing the facial muscles that lead to the fine lines and wrinkles we all experience as we age.

Many people are considering having the Belotero Dermal Filler injected and that has created a lot of buzz around its potential benefits in the dermatology field. Belotero is of great interest because whereas Botox has been approved by the FDA to treat very specific facial lines the forehead creases and frown lines appearing between the eyebrows Belotero can treat a wider range of wrinkles on any area of the face since it also works on the fine lines not just the deep lines.

The dermal filler Belotero has enjoyed considerable success in both Europe and Canada. Belotero uses non-animal hyaluronic acid which makes it an incredibly compatible formula with your faces composition as well as being highly biodegradable. This dermal filler is administered via injection and its purpose is to plump skin that is aging and wrinkled working from the inside out. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that naturally occurs in the body that hydrates the skin and is a big buzz word in the dermatology field.

Here is an example of where using Belotero instead of Botox would be appropriate. If the corners of your mouth are starting to turn down, then you have the beginnings of a mouth frown. As we age, we lose volume at the lower corners of the mouth and they start to droop giving us a sad look. You might notice some hollowing under the outer corners Or you can pinch the skin in the area does the skin fold? Volume loss here can get progressively worse as we age.

For the most natural look, a dermal filler, such as Belotero, delivered with a cannula, can reverse this volume loss. The area is subtly plumped up with feathering lines of the filler. And no one but you will notice. Yet everyone will think you are more rested, happier, or maybe that your hair is different!

Filling this area is part of the 8 Point Approach to rejuvenating the face with dermal fillers. Not everyone needs all 8 points treated. However, using the 8 Point Approach allows for systematic assessment of the areas that usually require increased volume as we age. And it can become a treatment plan for your face.

Points 1 and 2 are in the upper cheek area where gravity and age flattens down the youthful curve we had. Point 3 is under the eye the tear trough area. Point 4 is the nasolabial fold area where our smile lines can turn into folds. Point 5 is the mouth frown area. Then Point 6 is the pre-jowl area that can create a heavy appearance to the lower face. The loss of definition in the jaw line is Point 7. Last, and certainly not least, is the mid-cheek area that can develop a hollow look. Simple, right? Well, at least this way we can put words on the aging process we see in the mirror!


A dermatologist is a trained physician with skills to diagnose and treat conditions of the skin the largest organ in the body. When you find a dermatologist in Everett he or she can treat various types of skin disease from bacterial to fungus infection, to a variety of cancer. These professionals can also remove cancerous/ unhealthy lesions from the patients skin in a minor surgical procedure, usually outpatient. Not only do they medically treat skin conditions, they may also perform aesthetic, elective procedures for particular patients who would like to improve their skin tone and slow down the aging process. You will often find Dermatologists at a medical spa in Kirkland as well as their own offices. Aesthetic treatments may include botox injections, collagen injections and laser treatment just to mention a few. A facial spa in Kirkland or a skin care clinic in Kirkland will often provide the same aesthetic treatments as a dermatologist.

Physicians in this branch of medicine are not only concerned with diseases of the skin, but also diagnosis and treatment of the nails, hair, and adjacent mucous membranes. While these medical professionals trained to identify and consequently treat a variety of skin conditions, most people look at them and the first thing that comes to their mind is acne skin problems that are a disaster for many young people. These specialists not only work with teenagers to resolve this menace, but also perform several kinds of diagnoses, as well as treatment.

Becoming a dermatologist in Kirkland is not for everyone, as one has to go to medical school and then pass through a residency program to undergo specialized training. This medical branch is also divided into sub-specialties as described below. Depending on what the doctors specialty and interest is, s/he may decide to treat adult, or children, or both. To become a professional in this branch of medicine, you need to receive specialized training in the following key areas:

Management of contact dermatitis, including other forms of inflammatory skin disorders, like rashes

Diagnosis and treatment of moles, melanomas, skin cancers, and several other tumors of the skin

Surgical techniques applied in dermatology

Diagnosis and treatment of systemic and infectious diseases, including treatment of skin manifestations of various skin-related diseases

Also a dermatologist in Kirkland may also treat various cosmetic disorders of the skin, including scars, hair loss, and the skin changes caused by the aging process. For some, their cosmetic work goes beyond collagen and botox injections to do eyelid surgery and liposuction. The sub-specialties within this field include the use of the microscope to diagnose infectious and degenerative diseases, or those related to our immune system. For a doctor to perform these examinations, s/he uses specially prepared smears of skin lesions, cell scrapings, and tissue sections and uses various microscope techniques, including electron microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, and light microscopy.

As mentioned earlier, a dermatologist may specialize in treating adults or children, or both. However, if s/he decides to treat children under a sub-specialty known as pediatric dermatology, the doctor focuses on skin diseases that commonly affect children, including neonatal and birthmark issues. They often have to work closely with medical teams handling children with not only one, but also multiple and complex medical conditions. Therefore, a dermatologist needs to possess skills or have expertise in general sciences, including pathology, microbiology, physics, physiology, biochemistry, and endocrinology. This is because they have to be familiar with several, or all other medical specialties, as skin conditions are often associated with internal issues and conditions.


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